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    Unique Office Solutions have supported public sector contract and framework agreements for the past 15 years and over this period our year on year improvements have allowed us to build a customer base within the sector across Local Authorities, PCT and NHS, Community policing, Education and Community services.

    As part of our ongoing management and development together with our commitment to ‘Best Value’ Unique take ownership of all aspects of administration, account management, product development, product quality and distribution.

    This is achieved by identifying Key Performance Indicators within these areas and continuously monitoring and measuring the development and progress. With the monitoring and review of KPI’s we are continually improving our internal management protocols, allowing us to provide a faster, more efficient, responsive service.

    Within Administration our KPI’s are call answer rate, length of call, processing of orders and accuracy, E-procurement and E-invoice, random customer satisfaction surveys.

    Account management KPI’s monitored are Account penetration, face to face appointments, show room visits, client training seminars, product range sold, DSE assessments, client support ie floor plans and 3D renders. We have invested heavily in this area in the last 18 months increasing our penetration and raising our Face to Face KPI by 28%.

    Product KPI’s such as Quality control reports, in warranty service repairs, product improvement and development, product penetration, green and recycled raw materials, non-conformance reports, raw material pricing. By moving into manufacturing and investing in product design and development we have taken much greater control of our product costs finding real-time savings year on year.

    Distribution KPI’s – Monthly stocktakes have allowed management to assess that the stock holding comprise the right products at the right levels. In 2011 we implemented an improved distribution plan that has effectively reduced our environmental impact through investing in new vehicles and creating nominated delivery days where appropriate producing a cleaner, more efficient delivery service. Over the last 2 years these improved procedures have reduced our average time for orders received to delivered from 17 working days to 11 working days.

    Management KPI’s – Environmental procurement, environmental sales, staff turnover, staff training, staff apprenticeships, reducing waste initiatives, our framework penetration, management information. Our ISO 9001 quality management system has enabled us to fully monitor wastage in several areas of our business. By appointing KPI’s to these areas; aborted deliveries, incorrect products ordered and incorrect products despatched we have successfully reduced wastage and thus found cost savings and efficiencies.

    By monitoring and assessing our KPI’s we are have been able to maximise our investment in staff, product and service ever improving our solution to the client.

    Why not give The Unique Group a call or send us an email for a free of charge consultation meeting with one of the Unique Public Sector team. 


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“Unique completed the project on time & on-budget, and the quality of the products has enhanced the interior design of the new building as a whole. As designers, we would be more than happy to consider working with Unique on similar projects”